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6 Brave Men Take on 300 Violent Protesters and Win — Prepare to Be Amazed

Isn't it ironic how the very leftists who were just recently saying love is the only solution for saving mankind, are now burning down cities and attacking law enforcement with unprecedented violence?

These same protesters are accusing Trump of being a fascist, but their pathetic ill-informed thoughts could not be more incorrect.

Well a group of 300 black-clad weapon wielding protesters just learned a harsh lesson in New York City.

It all started when a group of looters tried to break into a Footlocker.

New York City's awesome and well-known Guardian Angels got word of what they were trying to do, and they immediately ran to the location.

If you haven't heard of the Guardian Angels, they are a group of private citizens that has been trying to help combat New York City's rapidly escalating crime rate. Since the group formed in 1979, they have been praised by citizens, and even the blue-uniformed NYPD, for their work in helping keep an eye on their hometown streets and alleyways. The group began by simply sweeping the sidewalks and taking out the trash, and now 40 years later they are still doing amazing things to help out their city.

The founder of the Guardian Angels, 66-year-old Curtis Sliwa, said what he is currently seeing protesters do in New York City is the most troubling scene he has ever witnessed. And the man has witnessed some horrific things.

When the six-man team of Angels got to the Footlocker around 8PM, they forced the thugs to drop their loot. But the night was long from over, as the looters ran off vowing to return. A short two hours later, the looters returned as promised, but this time there were 100 of them. They were all dressed in black and carrying backpacks that could have been filled with anything.

Further explaining the circumstances they had been placed in, Silwa said, “They tried to get in, but we were going to let them. I got hit. But we don’t back down, and we don’t surrender or retreat. We don’t have guns or weapons, but we all have martial arts training, and we do get physical if we have to.”

By 10:45PM another 200 protesters arrived, bringing the total number of thugs to 300. The large majority of them were carrying everything from claw hammers and crowbars, to baseball bats and machetes.

“They started swinging at us, but we were not going to let them get inside; we were slamming and jamming quite a few of them. They were throwing glass bottles filled with liquids, as well as bricks and rocks. It was quite the battle.”

The brave group of six men were able to hold back the 300 violent thugs until the NYPD reinforcements arrived on the scene. Six against 300, and they prevailed.

What happened that night has proven to many Americans that real-life heroes actually do exist. “We train for these kinds of things; we won’t fold. We are defiant. We want to make a difference in these neighborhoods,” a humble Silwa declared.

The Guardian Angels aren't looking for fame or notoriety, however it's hard not to receive it when people hear what they are doing for their city. And the NYPD has no issues with the group lending a helping hand.

Often times, the Angels will spot crimes before the police do, and it helps that they can go places uniformed officers sometimes cannot.

The Guardian Angels are true American patriots. Seeing as they do not get paid, everything they do is simply for the love of their country, and the city they call home.

God bless them.

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Jo McKinley
Jo McKinley
08 juin 2020

God Bless. When God is with you who can be against?

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