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AOC Breaks Silence On Cuban Protests Against Communism; Blames America For Everything

Democrats have been thrown for a loop after pro-democracy protests broke out in Cuba when thousands of people, many waving American flags, took to the streets to demand an end to decades of communist rule.

The fully radicalized party was caught between a rock and a hard place with a harsh condemnation of the Cuban regime’s tyranny likely to agitate their volatile base.

Initially, Joe Biden and the White House danced around the issue even as the Cuban government shut down the internet and embarked on a brutal campaign to crush the uprising but with Republicans suddenly on the offensive, even lunchbucket Joe had to admit that communism and socialism are both failed systems.

While Biden’s rare dispensing of a nugget of truth has likely caused much weeping and gnashing of teeth with the Dems desperately needing to appease the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Squad”, the mouth that never shuts emerged from a brief social media hiatus to rebuke the nation’s 46th president and to blame Cuba’s problems on the U.S.

In a statement posted to Twitter, AOC expressed support for the Cuban protesters and mildly condemned the communist regime but reserved her harshest words for Biden and the foreign policy of the United States.

According to the New York City Democrat; “We are seeing Cubans rise up and protest for their rights like never before,” she said; “We stand in solidarity with them, and we condemn the anti-democratic actions led by President Diaz-Canel. The suppression of the media, speech and protest are all gross violations of civil rights.”

She then blamed the U.S. for the Cuban suffering; “We also must name the U.S. contribution to Cuban suffering: our sixty-year embargo.” She said; “Last month, once again, the U.N. voted overwhelmingly to call on the United States to lift its embargo on Cuba.”

AOC added; “The embargo is absurdly cruel and, like too many other U.S. policies targeting Latin Americans, the cruelty is the point. I outright reject the Biden administration’s defense of the embargo. It is never acceptable for us to use cruelty as a point of leverage against every day people.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s blaming of all of Cuba’s problems on America and NOT the communist dictatorship that has been in power for over six decades echoes the view of the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement which defended the oppressors in a statement posted to social media.

According to BLM; “Black Lives Matter condemns the U.S. federal government’s inhumane treatment of Cubans, and urges it to immediately lift the economic embargo,” the organization wrote in an Instagram post. “This cruel and inhumane policy, instituted with the explicit intention of destabilizing the country and undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government, is at the heart of Cuba’s current crisis.”

It added; “Now we look to President Biden to end the embargo, something Barack Obama called for in 2016. This embargo is a blatant human rights violation and it must come to an end.”

Given the amount of influence that AOC and her cult-like followers and the corrupt and poisonous BLM have on the Democratic party and corporate America, its difficult to see how Biden is going to be able to mount any type of serious humanitarian intervention that will spare pro-Democracy Cubans from the imprisonment and torture that they will receive as a result of their dissent.

Then again, the regime in Washington is in many ways indistinguishable from the one in Havana considering that it has its own political prisoners locked down in deplorable conditions in a D.C. jail where they are held in solitary and beaten by guards.

The Democrats have completely surrendered any moral high ground that America once held by selling their soul to socialists and communist sympathizers like AOC and BLM.


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