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'Autonomous Zone' in D.C. Dismantled by Police After Rioters Deface Church, Trump Vows Not Here

President Trump was not about to sit idly by and let radical leftists set up an autonomous zone outside the White House.

Trump vowed as long as he's president, any rioters who try to set up an autonomous zone in D.C. will be met with serious force.

On Monday far-left protesters attempted to establish a new autonomous zone in the Lafayette Park area, located near the White House and near the historic St. John's Church that leftist rioters had set on fire several weeks back.

The rioters tried using barricades similar to those in the autonomous zone in Seattle known as CHOP. They also defaced the church, marking it with "BHAZ," which stands for "Black House Autonomous Zone."

The rioters didn't stop there though. They attempted to topple President Andrew Jackson's statue. I wonder if they knew that Jackson was the founder of the Democratic Party?

At that point police said enough is enough and moved in on the leftist protesters.

The cops made sure that the leftists were not able to take down the statue. The statue was however still defaced with words like "killer."

Trump took a hard line against the rioters, and warned them that they were making a big mistake which could cost them 10 years in federal prison. Trump also slammed states who were not taking action to stop the Monument Mob themselves.

Then early Wednesday morning, authorities took action to clear out the remaining leftists still trying to establish the D.C. autonomous zone.

That's how it's done!

Trump is smart enough to not let what happened in Seattle happen in Washington D.C..

After multiple shootings and all sorts of other crimes, Seattle's mayor finally decided it was time to let police back into CHOP and do something about the dangerous area. She had previously referred to the autonomous zone as a "big block party" that could turn into the "summer of love."


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