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Biden Completely Forgets Where He Is During Campaign Stop: "I Didn't Know Where We Were"

During a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday, former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden forgot where he was.

Biden didn't realize what community center he was in and welcomed people to the wrong one.

"Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to Kingswood Community Center," the former Vice President said.

He then stood still with a blank look of confusion on his face. "Actually, that's the one down... I used to work... It's a joke... I didn't know where we were."


Biden has been a total embarrassment on the campaign trail considering he relies on his handlers to get him through the day. During one interview, his staffer cut him off from as he began to digress into an incoherent meltdown.

"Why do you wear the mask? So you don't make somebody else sick!" Biden said during an interview while holding a mask as he began to raise his voice.

"I wan't to ask you..." ABC 15's Steve Irvin started before he was cut off by the former Vice President.

"SICK!" Biden angrily interrupted. "What's with this guy?" he asked, referring to President Trump.

The staffer then jumped in, cutting off the livestream, saying, "That's our time."

Irvin, who was now looking at a blank screen that read "Ali Krupkin" seemed confused and disappointed as he said, "Okay... Alright... I appreciate you time. Thank so much to Mr. Vice President as well."

Biden's handler then allowed Biden to respond to the comment, "Thank you I hope I can see you again," said Biden as he looked into his lap with confusion.


Donald Trump Jr. made sure to comment on the matter, tweeting, "Joe Biden saved by a staffer before his usual meltdown. Cut off because they know he’s not competent! How can this guy be expected to run the country if he needs to be handled for a simple TV interview?"

Biden's handlers have been making that Biden gets softball interviews considering he can't handle himself with a tough interviewer. Despite this fact, Biden still struggles through the easiest of interviews.

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Author: CollinRugg

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Bob Menefee
Bob Menefee
Jul 30, 2020

Surly most are aware, or should be anyway Biden is is just the front man for his being Ovomits VP. Who ever he chooses for his VP is a product of Obamas choice. Biden as Pres won’t last note than 90 days and he will be yanked out for the VP to step to step in and that person will be Ovomits choice and under his thumb. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if it’s not MooooShell Ovomit as this is a clear shot for Obama to get his third term in fact shim may just have to pick its VP ANDofcurese it’s gonna pick Ovomit himself. If this happens, and here I can only hope God steps in We…

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