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Biden Confuses His Wife for His Sister in Humiliating Super Tuesday Victory Speech

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has become a national laughing stock yet again.

This time the former VP has confused his wife for his sister.

It happened when he took the stage to give his supporters a speech celebrating his victories on Super Tuesday.

Take a look for yourself:

So Biden has a good Super Tuesday and what does he do?

He confused his sister Valerie for his wife Jill. A bunch of Democrats all dropped out of the race to unite around a guy who doesn’t even know where he is, what he’s running for or generally what the hell is going on.

Shortly before his gaffe Biden promised his administration would make fighting diseases such as Alzheimer's a priority of his campaign.

While his mistakes may seem like not a big deal to many, they speak volumes about his ability to be able to act and execute under stress.

Campaigning is obviously a tough job, but I assure you that being the president and having the future of the world resting on your shoulders carries even more stress.

Biden's constant gaffes are yet another sign that he can't handle the rigors of the job.


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