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Biden Refuses to Answer Foreign Policy Question Because it Would “Confuse the American People”

Senile Joe Biden told a reporter that he wouldn’t answer a foreign policy question because it would “confuse the American people.”

Biden delivered remarks on the need to raise the debt ceiling on Monday.

Joe Biden claims his $3.5 trillion spending bill costs ZERO DOLLARS while begging lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling.

After coughing his way through prepared remarks, Biden was asked a question about Ethiopia.

Dementia Joe told the reporter he wasn’t going to answer his question on Ethiopia because it would “confuse the American people.”


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Ronald J Perry
Ronald J Perry
Oct 07, 2021

Dear Mr. Senile Joe,

The American people are not as easily confused and stupid as you assume. To “assume” is to make an ASS-of-U-and-ME. Thanks for your insult. RJPerry, Webster NY

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