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Biden Tells Bold-Faced Lie, Claims If Trump Did His Job NOBODY Would Have Died from COVID

By Streiff

Last night, Joe Bide was a participant in a highly scripted “town hall” hosted by CNN. The clear objective of the town hall was to try to build a rather improbable narrative that Biden is lucid and able to comprehend who and where he is. I’m not sure that they were able to pull off that illusion. Despite carefully chosen and friendly questions, Biden’s answers were a veritable James Bond martini, that is, they left you shaken, not stirred. My colleague Nick Arama caught the essence of Biden’s chaperoned outing in this post, Biden CNN Town Hall: Lies, a Snotty Comment and a Whole Lot of ‘What the Heck Did He Say.’

One of the more bizarre episodes of sundowning on the part of Biden happened here:

The best you can say about this comment is that Biden knows this is a grotesque lie but thinks CNN’s audience is too f***ing stupid to know any different and had confidence that no one in the media will challenge him. The more likely explanation is that Biden believes what he said because his short term memory is totally shot and CNN’s audience is too f***ing stupid to know any different, and the media are so invested in his election that they won’t mention it.

Factually, it is beyond absurd to say that any action taken by the federal government contributed in any way to a single death. If you want to search for blood-soaked hands, then look at New York’s Andrew Cuomo and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, who forced nursing homes chock full of the most vulnerable citizens to accept patients with Wuhan infections and, in the process, carried out a virtual genocide of the elderly and infirm. If you really want to see malicious and callous acts, then check out Pennsylvania’s Health Secretary Richard, uh, I mean Rachel Levine, who, while ordering Pennsylvania nursing homes to accept Wuhan patients, but he removed his own mother from a nursing home to keep her safe. In fact, as President Trump was acting, the very people criticizing him now were accusing him of overreacting. What the administration did while the Democrats did nothing is in this post, While the New York Times Was Shopping ChiCom Propaganda to the Nation, President Trump Was Trying to Keep Us Safe.

The stunning part of this is that this claim has been left unchanged and unchallenged. Not even a “clarification.” No sign of a CNN or Politifact or Washington Post “fact check” of this claim.

In fact, it seems like the media, particularly CNN, are perfectly willing to tell a monumental lie in the service of Joe Biden’s election. Here is CNN’s say-anything, Pharma transcriptionist Sanjay Gupta backing up Biden’s claim.

Again, this is an insane and shameless claim totally unsupportable by facts or logic. Most of the Wuhan deaths in the nation come from nursing homes in states with Democrat governors who decided to slaughter the elderly for, as far as I can tell, sh**s and grins. But this seems to be the claim that the Democrats and the media believe will usher in President Biden and so they are willing to push it no matter what.

Author: Streiff

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