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Bill Maher, Left Without Fawning Studio Audience, Gets Utterly Exposed by Dan Crenshaw

Without his leftist studio audience there to back him up and applaud his every word, Bill Maher was left to fend for himself during an interview with Dan Crenshaw.

And let's just say it didn't end well for Maher, who got absolutely crushed with cold logic.

On everything from Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic to Nancy Pelosi’s pathetic attacks to voting rights, Maher was 100% outclassed by the Texas congressman.

Take a look:

Brilliant! Maher knew he lost the argument so he then becomes condescending at the end with the "you should know better." In other words, Maher thought he could save face with the old "I'm smarter than you" attitude. But everybody saw right through it.

Crenshaw is a breath of fresh air. He's battle-tested... literally. He's full of knowledge, and as you could tell from his interview with Maher, Crenshaw is more interested in getting to the truth of the argument than simply winning it.

Liberals should take note.

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Bruce Webb
Bruce Webb
Apr 22, 2020

Term limits or vote her out, please

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