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BLM Secretly Used Donor Money To Purchase $6 Million Los Angeles Mansion

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation spent approximately $6 million on a lavish Southern Californian mansion using donor cash and then took measures to keep the purchase a secret, according to a report Monday.

In October 2020, two weeks after BLM received a $66.5 million cash infusion from its fiscal sponsor, the group employed a man with close ties to the charity’s co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, to secretly purchase the 7-bedroom residence.

Dyane Pascall, the financial manager for Janaya and Patrisse Consulting — an LLC operated by Cullors and her spouse, Janaya Khan, bought the Studio City mansion in cash to conceal the misuse of the charities’ donations.

Six days later, Pascal transferred the property’s deed to an LLC named after the property’s address, New York Magazine reports.

To assure the property’s owner wouldn’t be disclosed, ownership of the property was then transferred to an LLC in Delaware.

The organization tried to keep existence a lavish home, which is referred to internally as the “complex,” a secret and “kill” the story about the mansion by preventing journalists from discovering the transaction, according to the report.

BLMGNF board member Shalomyah Bowers issued a statement Friday claiming the charity “always planned” to disclose the legal filings over the purchase and insists the residence was intended to serve as a “housing and studio space” for recipients of the Black Joy Creators Fellowship.

The $6 million California property is one of several mansions purchased by BLMGNF after the group raised grifted over $90 million following the death of George Floyd.

Last May, Cullors came under fire for buying four high-end homes for $3.2 million and exploiting the charity to enrich herself, forcing her to resign from her post as the group’s executive director.

She claimed the controversy surrounding BLM’s finances “were right-wing attacks” and attempts to “discredit my character” and had nothing to do with her departure.

In a video published in June, Cullors and BLM leaders Melina Abdullah, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza dined outside of the $6 million California mansion to commemorate the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.

BLM deleted the video from YouTube on Monday night following reports of the group’s misuse of donations.

Cullors explained in the now-removed video that she was in “survival moved” from “the right-wing media machine just leveraging literally all its weight against me against our movement against BLM the organization.”

The media is leveling the attacks “because we are powerful, it’s because we are winning, it’s because we are threatening the establishment, we are threatening white supremacy,” she said.

But the socialist social justice warriors did not discuss details of the plush 6,500-square-foot home seen behind them. Author: Alicia Powe


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