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Boom: Trump Suggests He Might Pick DeSantis as VP

With Brandon being so terrible, there’s already starting to be some speculation over which Republican will defeat him in 2024.

While most Republicans prefer Trump, a substantial number would like to see DeSantis run.

That has led to some worries over if the MAGA base will be deleteriously affected by primary in which the two champions of the MAGA agenda are pitted against each other, something Trump has indicated he doubts will happen.

Still, however, if the two do decide to run and end up fighting, that could have some serious negative consequences and splinter the most enthusiastic members of the MAGA coalition.

But Trump might have a solution: the two men run on the same ticket.

Trump made that suggestion while on his “History Tour” with Bill O’Reilly. When asked if DeSantis would be on the ticket with him if he chose to run again, Trump responded by saying “I think Ron [DeSantis] would be good. I think Mike [Pence] has been very hurt by what took place with respect to January 6. I think he’s been mortally wounded, frankly.”

Though he added that there are other candidates he’s considering as a running mate, DeSantis is certainly the most popular, not in the least because he seems the most like Trump and the MAGA base in outlook. As Just the News reports:

On Saturday, when DeSantis was mentioned, the audience broke out in applause, The Sun-Sentinel reported. When former Republican Governor Jeb Bush was mentioned, the audience erupted with loud boos.

While that could be a good solution, and would certainly help glue together the MAGA crowd, it remains to be seen who will even run in 2024 and, if Trump runs, if DeSantis wants the job.

DeSantis recently filed to run for reelection as governor in 2022 and has said his only intention, for now, at least, is to do his job in Florida.

But, if the stars to align, A Trump-DeSantis ticket would certainly do a great job of rallying the base, as shown by its raucous cheers when DeSantis’s name was mentioned.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

Source: Gen Z Conservative: Boom: Trump Suggests He Might Pick DeSantis as VP


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