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BREAKING: Joe Biden Appears to Admit to Battle With Addiction in Newly Uncovered Texts With Hunter

According to newly released text messages between President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, President Biden appeared to admit that he had battles with addiction.

To recap, here are all the Biden family members who have been to rehab due to addiction as highlighted by the Gateway Pundit:

  • Hunter Biden has struggled with alcohol and crack addictions

  • Hallie, Beau’s widow (and Hunter’s girlfriend) struggled with a crack problem

  • Joe’s daughter Ashley has struggled with alcohol and had to seek treatment

  • Joe’s slimy brother Frank has battled alcohol addiction and was ordered by a judge to go to rehab after a drunk driving offense in 2004

  • Joe’s niece Caroline Biden was also ordered to rehab after a DUI

Back in 2018, Joe Biden sent a message to Hunter Biden who was spending Father’s Day in rehab.

“I’m in California. I am going to my yoga week in Big Sur,” Hunter Biden said in a text exchange. “I love you Dad and I’m sorry I won’t be there for Father’s Day. Being home is really hard for me. Being away from you is harder. There had never been a boy more loved by a Dad than me by you. All I want is to make you proud. And I know I haven’t. But I promise I’m trying Dad.”

Joe Biden then appeared to admit to his own battle with addiction.

“You’ve always made me proud you got the disease from mommy and me but you are strong and courageous with so much more to give,” Joe Biden said.

The addiction within the Biden family doesn’t end there.

Check out what The Daily Mail reported:

Five members of Joe Biden’s close family have been to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse, can reveal.

The president’s brother Frank, children Hunter and Ashley, his niece Caroline and his late son’s widow who also became Hunter’s lover, Hallie, have all suffered from addiction issues and had spells in treatment centers – some at the orders of a judge.

In text messages to Hunter, Joe even referred to his son’s addiction as a ‘disease from mommy and me.’

But texts on the laptop also reveal that Hallie Biden, his brother Beau’s widow who became his lover after Beau died of brain cancer in 2015, has been to rehab four times, costing over $100,000, some of it allegedly paid for by Joe Biden.

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Author: Collin Rugg


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