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BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Takes Insane Nose Dive

By Collin Rugg

According to a new Monmouth University poll that was released on Thursday, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has plunged 20 points since he first took office on January.

Back in January when Biden took office, his net approval rating sat at +24 however just six months later, his net approval rating is +4.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Monmouth poll is the second to show Biden’s approval rating slipping to an all-time low this week, pairing off with a Rasmussen Reports poll released Wednesday.

Monmouth’s poll shows a consistent drop in popularity for Biden each month since January, though he lost only a single point from June to July. It had a maximum margin of error of +/- 3.5.

Biden’s drop in approval appears to be due to a loss of confidence in his economy and an ongoing skepticism of his policies at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Biden has sought to shift blame for the immigration surge at the southern border, with his administration first arguing the surge was simply an annual occurrence. That argument faded quickly, however, as it became clear the 2021 surge was far larger than in previous years.

Biden ultimately decided to leave the border crisis for Vice President Kamala Harris to handle, but her first attempts to tackle the issue were met with criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

Americans are also not impressed with Biden’s mental capabilities considering he continues to prove that he is not “all there.” During a speech on Wednesday in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the president gave a speech on American manufacturing.

At one point during the speech, Biden confused former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump when talking about the 2009 recession. Biden then claimed that his slip, which many think is due to mental decline or dementia, was just a “freudian slip.” How do you forget who you were in office with for 8 years?

“Back in 2009, during the so-called ‘Great Recession,’ the President asked me to be in charge of managing that piece – then-President Trump – excuse me, Freudian slip – that was the last president – he caused–anyway, President Obama when I was Vice President,” said Biden.


Biden’s mental decline has been on full display in recent weeks. During a speech in the East Room of the White House last week before signing the “Crime Victims Fund Act,” Biden bizarrely claimed that he was on the Judiciary Committee “150 years ago.”

This is quite the development, considering if true, this would make Biden the oldest person in modern history, a huge accomplishment! That being said, the claim by Biden doesn’t appear to be true considering his birth records indicate he was born on November 20, 1942.

“Way back 150 years ago when I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee we spent a lot of time…” Biden said during the event.

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Author: Collin Rugg

Source: Trending Politics: BREAKING: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Takes Insane Nose Dive

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