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BREAKING: OBAMA’S CIA SPIED ON PRESIDENT TRUMP – Was Fed Trump’s Transition Material by Hillary Op.

This is very serious. The CIA was spying on the President of the United States. Trump’s Transition files were provided to the CIA by Hillary Clinton operatives. This is the real sedition.

Brilliant attorney and investigative journalist Techno Fog released this bombshell yesterday.

Last week, we documented Special Counsel John Durham’s motion discussing the potential conflicts of interest of Michael Sussmann’s attorneys. That filing was important for a number of reasons, mainly because Durham stated that Sussmann’s client, Rodney Joffe (a federal contractor with access to “sensitive” data) “exploited” internet traffic data (domain name system, or DNS) pertaining to “the Executive Office of the President of the United States (“EOP”).” …After Sussmann’s attorney responded to the Durham filing, stating that Sussmann provided the CIA with Executive Office of the President data from “when Barack Obama was president,” we theorized that this data was from the transition period because that’s when there would be access to Trump’s team: If Sussmann’s attorney is telling the truth (never a given), then we suspect the Executive Office of the President data included that from the 74 day the Trump transition period (between the November 8, 2016 election and the January 20, 2017 inauguration) – which would still be spying on the incoming Trump Administration.

Techno Fog then mentions that according to Margot Cleveland, a Durham filing in October of 2021 declared that an individual (who can we say) stole sensitive data from President Trump’s transition team then shared it with the CIA.

That would confirm the data Sussmann and Joffe passed to the CIA was from the Trump transition period. While Washington and the press focus on January 6, the more dangerous and anti-democratic acts occurred in the shadows in 2016 and 2017. They didn’t seize the Capitol because they didn’t have to. The FBI and the CIA were willing to do their bidding, operating in secret to spy on and undermine the President.

This news of the CIA spying on candidate and President Trump is no real surprise. As we reported years ago, the Obama team was so excited about their efforts in harassing President Trump that they bragged about it to the Washington Post. They must have thought that they were going to get away with it and have President Trump removed from office for the outrageous lies that he was Putin’s puppet.

The Obama gang had been meeting in the basement of the White House starting in the summary of 2016 and this meeting with all the members of the Obama gang, was kept secret until they thought they were going to succeed in having President Trump removed from office.

Now we know the Hillary gang and the Obama gang spied on candidate and President Trump and used the CIA to do it. This is sedition.

Author: Joe Hoft


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