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Coronavirus-Themed College Party Being Investigated For Racism

College students decided to throw a coronavirus-themed party off campus, and they are now under investigation from their university.


For possibly 'violating' the school's racism code of conduct for students.

Welcome to 2020.

Here's more from the Daily Wire: The students, who attend the State University of New York at Albany, reportedly held a simple party, video of which was posted to the Barstool Albany Instagram account. The post has since been deleted. The video allegedly showed a bucket of Corona beers in ice and someone wearing a surgical mask. The caption for the video read, “Corona virus isn’t gonna stop anyone from partying.”
That was apparently enough to offend the Asian American Alliance, a student organization at the university, who called the party insensitive and racist, ABC7 reported. The Alliance posted a statement on its own Instagram account claiming the coronavirus “has led to not only mass stereotyping of Asian people, but also hundreds of deaths across the world.” The Alliance requested the university take several actions to address the alleged grievances.
Further, the Alliance said that diseases “that affect non-white populations are radicalized in a way that stems from the innate xenophobia of American society” and “serves to dehumanize the affected population.”

The University responded and confirmed that they have opened an investigation into the matter. They said the party was "distasteful and hurtful and is not representative of UAlbany or its nearly 18,000 students."

The coronavirus has now spread to 30 countries and killed around 2,100 people, ABC News reported.

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