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DISGUSTING: Joy Reid Brushes Off Gabby Petito Murder, Laments Media’s “Missing White Woman Syndrome”

If you haven’t already gotten the memo, the mainstream media absolutely despises white people. However, some media pundits hate whites more than others.

Joe Reid is at the very top of the list leading the “Anti-White” charge.

While discussing the heartbreaking death of Gabby Petito – who likely was murdered by her psychotic boyfriend – Joy Reid brushed off the tragic news and lamented the fact that the media is covering another story about a “missing white woman”.

Reid didn’t once offer condolences or even seem bothered by the news. She spent about 45 seconds “reporting” the story and then launched into an anti-white rant that likely made her MSNBC executives very proud. Reid then interviewed two other anti-white racists to talk about how the media “doesn’t care” about missing black people.

In short, “yeah this death was bad…but what about people of color?”. Yes, really.

Watch below:

Do you get the sense that Reid sort of got a thrill from hearing about Petito’s death? I got that vibe, and it’s absolutely despicable.

I would call Joy Reid “human scum”, but that would be an insult to the word “scum”.

Comment below with your response to Joy Reid’s anti-white racism…

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