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Fauci Turns Into Bumbling Mess When Asked Why Texas Cases Are Dropping Despite Ignoring His Advice

Dr. Anthony Fauci is not what the media claim he is. That much has been obvious since the beginning of the pandemic. While presenting himself as a world-class epidemiologist, Fauci has managed to botch everything from mask-wearing to lockdowns, to vaccine efficacy. You likely could have had your dog making COVID policy and gotten a better mitigation strategy than the good doctor decided on.

But worse than just being wrong, Fauci has been wrong while exhibiting a completely unearned sense of arrogance driven by the fact that the left-wing worship him. He’s been on magazines, he does YouTube shows, and he lives on cable news. You’d be hard-pressed to find an instance where he has shown any humility.

The latest example comes via the results we are now seeing in Texas after the state opened its economy fully and rescinded its mask mandate. While Michigan, a heavily mitigated and mask-mandated state, sees a large COVID surge, Texas continues to see overall trends decline. How could that? Shouldn’t the lack of a mask mandate and full restaurants have doomed them?

Well, Fauci was asked about that. His answer was a stammering, incoherent mess. It’s what you get when a guy is literally just making it up as he goes.

Yes, he’s really putting out the “just wait two more weeks card” despite the fact that the mandates in Texas have been gone for a month now. Where’s the disastrous spike that Fauci predicted? It didn’t happen because Fauci has no idea what he’s actually talking about. He’s just a very old, very mediocre government parrot. Joe Biden likes masks so Fauci will go out there and ignore all objective evidence to proclaim that masks are the be-all-end-all of COVID mitigation. Does Joe Biden want to slam a red state for letting people live their lives? Well, Fauci will then go on MSNBC to predict doom about a Texas Rangers game despite it being outdoors, an environment in which science says spread is minimal.

And notice the arrogance I mentioned early. It doesn’t matter that he was totally wrong about Texas’ prior decision to end most COVID mitigation. He’s still confidently predicting the possibility of another wave over a baseball game. What evidence does he present? Why, none at all, of course, because he rarely attempts to back up anything he says. Rather, he likes to go on liberal networks (or Neil Cavuto’s show) and spew platitudes knowing he won’t be pressed further.

Lastly, note the unintentional admission by Fauci that relieving over-burdensome, ineffective mitigation can actually promote behavior that lowers spread. Yes, Texans are doing more things outside. That’s why lockdowns are stupid. Yes, they aren’t wearing masks as much, which means they naturally socially distance more. That’s why masks are stupid. Fauci almost gets to the truth without even realizing it.

Fauci is a fraud. He’s a testament to just how worthless most government bureaucrats are. That he can’t even answer a basic question about why Texas is doing better than states with heavy mitigation shows how useless Fauci’s expertise is. He’s just guessing and making political statements at this point.

Author: Bonchie

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Coming from that prophetic TV science fiction show, he is a "HERBERT"


He doesn't no anything how about all those drs that they wouldn't let us listen to so they shut them out and threatened them. who does that. People that have something to

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