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Fed-Up Black Woman Walks Up to White Liberal in Autonomous Zone, Absolutely Schools Her

A video of a fed-up black woman walking up to a white liberal in Seattle's 'Autonomous Zone' is making waves across the internet.

The mainstream media won't touch the story, and it's not hard to see why given the lesson and negative impact it could have on Democrats.

“I know people don’t like [President] Trump, I understand that,” the black woman told the white liberal. “But let me tell you something, if I have to pick between him and Joe Biden, I’m not voting for Joe Biden.”

“You want to see a bunch of black people go to jail by the next 4 years? Put Joe Biden in — watch what happens,” she continued. “You want to see black men killed substantially, like you’ve never seen before, put Joe Biden in and watch what happens.”

The black woman broke down her view on the Democratic Party compared to the Republican party, and if more black voters were to actually listen to her assessment, it would shake American politics to its core.

“These Democrats, and I’m sorry to say this, I’m not trying to be racist, but they hate black people,” she said

“These are the same people that fought to keep slavery in, these are the same people who built the KKK, these are the same people who hated us from the beginning,” the woman continued. “The Republican Party is the party of the blacks.”

The black woman wasn't done there, as she proceeded to school the white liberal on the formation of the GOP and the role black Americans played, explaining to her that it's the Democrats who have hated black people from the beginning.

“So the same Democrats who hated black people from the beginning are the same ones who hate us now,” the woman said.

She then went on to break down the far-left's hijacking of Black Lives Matter and how twisted the movement has become.

“How did Black Lives Matter turn into something about LGBTQ when blacks really don’t support that?” she asked. “We’re conservative. We’re really not about that. Not only that, we don’t support abortion.”

“This is the black culture. We ain’t never been about that,” the woman continued. “Not only that, we’re not about feminism. Black women marry their husbands and respect their husbands.”

For years Democrats have desperately tried to brainwash black Americans into believing a reality that is far from the truth for a majority of people in their community.

Come November voters will have to choose between Trump and Biden. If black Americans were to look at who actually cares about their community, they'd all vote for Trump hands down.

The responses poured in after the video of the black woman went viral:

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Jun 17, 2020

“You want to see black men killed substantially. . . . ? We already do. By other black men and we see it every single day. Address that. Why is it you are not fed up with that? Why is it you only have a fit when a thug dies in police custody? You're killing yourselves off.

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