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Furious McConnell Torches Dems on House Floor After They Block Aid for Small Businesses

On Thursday morning Senate Democrats blocked an emergency bill which would provide small businesses across America with crucial money to keep them afloat during the pandemic.

Democrats blocked the bill because they wanted "add-ons to help businesses in disadvantaged communities and additional funding for states and hospitals."

A furious Mitch McConnell took to the House floor and let loose on Democrats for playing more political games rather than helping Americans who need it. Check it out:

Good on McConnell! Americans are running out of money and ways to feed their families, yet Democrats are blocking efforts to pay them in order to get partisan demands and fund windmills.

All Democrats care about right now is using this pandemic to advance their twisted progressive agendas.

Seriously, how can anyone oppose more relief for small businesses?

McConnell's bill was a life raft for countless businesses and their workers.

The left's continued obstruction is a disgrace.

The sad truth is that Pelosi and Schumer value the Kennedy Center over hardworking Americans who are suffering right now.

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Larry L. Potter
Larry L. Potter
Apr 09, 2020

You people that call yourself Democrats better wake up to the reality that your party doesn't give a shit if you survive or not, do the right thing.

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