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Gov. Newsom Signs Law that Makes Abortions FREE

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is one of the worst elected state officials in California’s history. Under his reign as Governor California’s homelessness rates, drug overdoses, abortions, and crime all skyrocketed. Well, now Newsom has just signed a law that makes abortions free and as many of you know nothing is free from the state but rather it comes out of tax payer’s pockets.

Senator Lena A. Gonzalez of Long Beach brought Senate Bill 245, often known as the Abortion Accessibility Act, into the California legislature early last year. They were one of just six states that required health insurance carriers to cover abortion services, according to the governor’s office.

After Bill 245 passed the Senate Newsom signed off on it and now it’s a law. As a result of Newsom’s new law, abortion operations will no longer require patients to pay out-of-pocket expenses. Workers and their companies will pay higher premiums to compensate for the hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenditures.

Here’s the moment he turned the bill into law:

Did you notice how joyful everyone was in the video? They are literally celebrating the future death of children.

The Post Millennial had more on the story:

“This bill would prohibit a health care service plan or an individual or group policy or certificate of health insurance or student blanket disability insurance that is issued, amended, renewed, or delivered on or after January 1, 2023, from imposing a deductible, coinsurance, copayment, or any other cost-sharing requirement on coverage for all abortion and abortion-related services, as specified,” the bill states. It also prohibits health care plans from imposing “utilization management or utilization review on the coverage for outpatient abortion services.” “The bill would require that for a contract, certificate, or policy that is a high deductible health plan, the cost-sharing prohibition would apply once the enrollee’s or insured’s deductible has been satisfied for the benefit year,” it continued, adding that the bill would not cover experimental or investigational treatments. According to the Associated Press, the bill is seen as a preemptive effort to respond if the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. Twenty-six states in the US are likely to ban or restrict abortion, if so.

California has a long dark history of celebrating both abortion and eugenics. From the early 1900s through the 1970s, the state of California imposed sterilization on females who were regarded to be mentally ill or to have physical impairments, according to the state’s guidelines. According to some estimates, more than 20,000 inhabitants of California were sterilized during the Eugenics movement in the state.

A report by CBS states that the most recent sterilizations happened in 2013, at which time the state of California sterilized over 144 women in jail using coercive techniques to achieve its sterilization goals. Crime, poverty, and overcrowding in cities were all problems in California during the early 1900s, so officials came up with the horrifying concept of sterilizing women who they feared would give birth to non-productive individuals and introduce them into society.

A major objective of the eugenics movement was to genetically enhance the human race in order to reduce the amount of money spent on government welfare programs. That seems really familiar, doesn’t it?

Author: Anthony


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