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Here's the Truth about the Viral Photo of Locked Mailboxes That Has Democrats Outraged

In their latest coup attempt Democrats are hoping to move the entire country to mail-in voting.

Pelosi is calling the House in session later this week not to vote on assistance to the middle class but to vote on more money for the US Postal Service so they can push the country to mail-in voting.

The potential for fraud is greatly increased with mail-in voting.

Democrats know this.

But Pelosi and Democrats are trying to paint Trump as the one stealing the election – not them.

This past weekend Democrats were outraged after photos surfaced of locked mailboxes!

Trump is stealing the election!

Rex Chapman tweeted this out:

It got 16,000 retweets.

Sam in Burbank went down and took a picture of the locked up mailboxes.

Sure enough, they’re locked!

Democrats were FUMING!

But once again this was just another Democrat media hoax.

The USPS started locking up mailboxes back in 2016 — from local thieves.

Author: Jim Hoft


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