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Here's What Biden Can Do With His Demand for Sacrifice

With a war raging in Ukraine, the rush to try to punish Russia for its naked, unjustified aggression has been understandable. Obviously, Vladimir Putin and the nation he leads deserve to be isolated. Ukraine is a sovereign country, and a tyrant never stops after just the first few bites. There is no question who the bad guys are here, no matter what corruption may have existed in Ukraine prior.

Regardless, in the midst of the battle over what to do about Russia has come a demand from the Biden administration that Americans bear the burden, mostly in the form of inflation and higher energy prices, with the latest push being to stop the importation of Russian oil.

My answer to that? Nope.

While I support Ukraine’s right to self-defense and the efforts to supply them with war materials, I do not support making sacrifices for a political class that is looking to screw Americans coming and going. To clarify, here are a few clips that illustrate perfectly why I’m not lining up to pay higher prices in the name of Joe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that Nancy Pelosi, who has a $24,000 refrigerator stocked with high-dollar ice cream doesn’t care about high gas prices. I’m equally shocked that Jennifer Granholm, who has made millions of dollars off of what is essentially insider trading, wants to use the nation’s current woes to usher in her green revolution.

To summarize what’s in those clips, these elitist apparatchiks want you to pay exorbitant amounts for energy, “sacrificing” for them, while they don’t lift a finger to try to mitigate the price increases. It’s all one big scam, and normal Americans are the marks. Remember Rahm Emmanuel’s infamous phrase, “never let a crisis go to waste”? That’s exactly what’s happening here. The administration and Democrats at large are using the conflict in Ukraine as an excuse to push for boondoggle, green energy projects while steadfastly refusing to increase domestic energy production.

So, while they demand you sacrifice for the greater good (mostly of Ukraine, in this case), Biden and company won’t sacrifice even a tiny piece of their political agenda. It’s insanity, and it’s going to throw the entire country into a recession. And for what? So we can buy some more solar panels from China and scatter the horizon with a bunch of inefficient, non-recyclable wind turbines?

Look, I understand the rush to stop the importation of Russian oil. In a vacuum, I think it’s a just and righteous thing to do. But we don’t live in a vacuum, and if our politicians aren’t willing to do what it takes to help Americans through this time, then Biden can take his demands for sacrifice and jump in a lake.

Author: Bonchie


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