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Hillary Clinton Slams Americans Who Don't 'Appreciate' Joe Biden's 'Major' Accomplishments

The woman who always believed she ought to be president believes Joe Biden ought to be popular.

The problem, according to Hillary Clinton, is that Americans just don’t understand.

The failed Democratic presidential candidate popped in on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show on Tuesday to explain why America needs influencers who can explain to the clueless what a great presidency Biden is having.

During her segment, she said Americans don’t “appreciate” the significance of what Biden has done, according to an MSNBC transcript.

“You know, democracy is messy. You know, a lot of people got, oh, I think kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation,” she said, reflecting the hissing spat among Democrats that kept the infrastructure bill hanging fire for weeks in the House after bipartisan approval in the Senate.

Clinton said they “didn’t really appreciate that within a year, the Biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the House and the Senate. They passed another major piece through the House that will soon be in the Senate.”

Her references were to the coronavirus relief bill and infrastructure bill.

She also praised the House-passed social programs bonanza as among Biden’s “extraordinary accomplishments.”

But Clinton indicated too few people can translate that into words everyday people can understand so they can see how great things are.

“Because of the way we are getting our information today and because of the lack of gatekeepers and people who have a historic perspective, who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that, unfortunately, the other side is really good at exploiting,” she said.

Biden has noted in the past that all these complicated things are just not well understood by plain folks, according to Fox News.

“What — like, for example, if I had — if we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, ‘Let’s ask whoever the — whoever is at the next table, no matter how — what restaurant we’re in — have them explain the supply chain to us.’ You think they’d understand what we’re talking about?” the president said Nov. 6.

Lest anyone think they had been insulted, Biden said Americans were “smart people” but they live in a “complicated world.”

But some voices said the Biden presidency is shorn of glitter because none is deserved.

“Eleven months into his term, and a year from a midterm election that appears likely to end his legislative majority, the cold reality for Biden is that his presidency is on the brink of failure,” Jonathan Chait wrote in New York magazine on Monday.

“Business lobbyists swarmed over Washington, ripping chunks out of his Build Back Better program. The scope of his agenda kept shrinking in tandem with his poll numbers,” he wrote.

“Biden is like a patient wasting away from some undiagnosable disease,” Chait wrote, adding that the answer could be that “Biden’s party has not veered too far left or too far right so much as it has simply come apart.”

Author: Jack Davis


WOW……Hillary is absolutely right!!! Only problem is that she & the Democrats are the people doing everything she’s stated she is against!! Total hypocrite! And an out & out LIAR!!


Carol Schalow
Carol Schalow
Nov 26, 2021

The only thing Biden has accomplished, is the destruction of America, and it's people. The illegals and the Taliban, receive better treatment then the American people.

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