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Hillary's Nightmare Becomes Her Reality, Fed Judge Orders She Be Deposed about Private Server

It is not a good day for Hillary Clinton.

In a bombshell ruling, a federal court finally ordered Hillary be subject to a sworn deposition to address her use of a private email server.

The motion was brought forth by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

The judge also ordered Clinton's former chief of staff and 2 other State Department officials be deposed.

Clinton tried arguing that she already answered questions about this, but the court wasn't having any of it.

“The Court has considered the numerous times in which Secretary Clinton said she could not recall or remember certain details in her prior interrogatory answers. In a deposition, it is more likely that plaintiff’s counsel could use documents and other testimony to attempt to refresh her recollection,” the judge stated. “And so, to avoid the unsatisfying and inefficient outcome of multiple rounds of fruitless interrogatories and move this almost six-year-old case closer to its conclusion, Judicial Watch will be permitted to clarify and further explore Secretary Clinton’s answers in person and immediately after she gives them. The Court agrees with Judicial Watch – it is time to hear directly from Secretary Clinton.”

Music to my ears.

This has been a long time coming.

When the deposition takes place, it will be Hillary's first time she is forced to submit to live questioning about her private server under oath.

If you recall she was questioned back in 2016 by the FBI, however in that interview the agents did not record the interview and she was not under oath.

And as Judge Lamberth pointed out about her last interview, “simply put her responses left many more questions than answers.”

Here's to hoping crooked Hillary is finally held accountable for her disgraceful and unlawful actions.


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