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IT’S OFFICIAL: Biden Admin Announces ‘Woke’ New Change To Passports

By Elizabeth Rogliania

The dichotomy of man and woman or feminine and masculine is coming to an end at an administrative level as the United States passport will now officially recognize wokeness in their passports. Now, within the category of “Gender” there will be a third option for non-binary, intersex (hermaphrodites and the like), as well as those that feel like they are not their biological sex.

According to a recent press statement by the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, the US State Department noted that they will most immediately “will be updating our procedures to allow applicants to self-select their gender as “M” or “F” and will no longer require medical certification if an applicant’s self-selected gender does not match the gender on their other citizenship or identity documents.”

Subsequently, the agency clarified that it has begun to move towards “adding a gender marker for non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming people applying for a passport,” although there is no date set so far for this, according to NBC News.

The third gender marker, which will supposedly be an “X”, would be implemented in the passport as soon as possible, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who indicated that the department is currently “evaluating the best approach to achieve this objective."

He also pointed out that adding a gender option “is technologically complex and will take time,” reported the US media. Obviously, there are no more pressing issues happening in the country, or foreign policy, and therefore they were able to spend resources on this change.

Despite the usual strictness when it comes to official IDs, transgender people will not need to provide a medical certification when selecting their gender. That is, it is enough to say that they believe themselves to be of a different gender.

Until the recent change, individuals have had to provide documentation from a physician indicating that they had completed a full medical transition or were currently undergoing one. In terms of security, the measure is confusing.

For example, the sex of the person is reflected in each of their cells from conception, so a forensic analysis does not measure how the person perceives themselves, or how they are perceived after cosmetic changes, or even how they look, but what establishes their bone structure (sex is also defined in the bones) and in a genetic analysis. Therefore, doesn’t matter what they feel like, they are simply the gender they were born in.

This initiative by the United States Government aligns with President Biden’s campaign promise to promote LGBTQ + equality in the country and around the world. This is further evidence of how, through executive decree, the nation’s president, Joe Biden, has reversed the policies established by Donald Trump, including gender issues, which are now reflected on the US passport.

Several other countries have already included a third gender option in passports, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark and Germany.

The next step, demanded by LGBTQIA + activists, would be to break with the “binary” system of TSA technology that scans passengers based on two sexes, then it would be the introduction of neutral toilets at airports.

Author: Elizabeth Rogliania

Source: Trending Politics: IT’S OFFICIAL: Biden Admin Announces ‘Woke’ New Change To Passports

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