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Joe Biden Stumbles and Slurs His Way Through an Embarrassing Response to Putin's Ukraine Invasion

By Bonchie | RedState

On Monday, Vladimir Putin gave a speech in which he recognized the “sovereignty” of two separatist regions in Ukraine, and shortly after, Russian forces began to cross the border under the guise of being peacekeepers. In one cunning move, Putin had managed to get exactly what he wanted without firing a shot, invading Ukraine while being able to deny he was invading Ukraine.

The big question then became what exactly the United States was going to do about the major incursion. Previously, threats of the “greatest” sanctions had been made, most recently by Kamala Harris. As to Joe Biden, he was nowhere to be found publicly, for a full day after Putin’s move, only emerging Tuesday afternoon to finally address the matter.

Showing up an hour-and-a-half late to what was originally described as an urgent news conference, the president took to the podium and drowsily slurring his words in an attempt to deliver a response. Things did not go well.

Watching this man speak is an exercise in discomfort. That he was so late and still showed up mentally unprepared to deliver his remarks is sad — and another signal to US adversaries that they can essentially do whatever they want. Russia has certainly taken that cue, waiting until Biden took the mantle of the presidency to bite off more of Ukraine.

When it came to the content, Biden’s speech was no better. He announced further sanctions on Russia, but stopped short of enacting the full slate his administration had been bragging about for the last month. If this invasion isn’t enough to trigger them, what is? That’s a question Biden and his cohorts have steadfastly refused to answer, likely because they don’t have a good answer.

Past that, on energy prices, the president let it be known that things are about to get much worse for American consumers.

Such damage could have been largely mitigated had Biden allowed the United States to remain energy independent, a mark reached under former President Donald Trump. Instead, this mental invalid meandered into office, canceling federal leases and the Keystone XL pipeline in order to appease his far-left base, without a second thought as to how it would affect the country’s national security. Meanwhile, the stock market is currently crashing, wiping out all the retirement and investment gains made by the middle class over the last year or so.

In the end, Biden reprised the infamous walk-away move that he perfected during the Afghanistan crisis, quickly exiting the room without answering any questions.

Once again, Biden’s backside has become the most iconic part of his presidency.

His speech did nothing to quell fears domestically or abroad, and his physical appearance and mannerisms only made it clear to America’s enemies he’s not up for the job. Where do things go from here? I can confidently state: nowhere good. There is no escaping the consequences of Biden’s ineptness. Rich or poor, agony is coming. That it was largely avoidable should only enrage voters more, as we head toward the midterms.

Author: Bonchie

Source: RedState: Joe Biden Stumbles and Slurs His Way Through an Embarrassing Response to Putin's Ukraine Invasion

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