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Kamala Harris is Now Taking on the Big Job of Censoring the Democrats’ Critics

Kamala Harris was once rated the most radical member of the entire Senate. Now, she’s taking on the big job of policing the Internet for ‘misinformation.’

And by ‘misinformation,’ that means political opinions that extremely partisan Democrats don’t like.

Kamala Harris will be heading up a new internet policy task force, the Biden administration announced on Thursday. Its goals including “developing programs and policies” to protect “political figures” and journalists from “disinformation,” “abuse” and “harassment.”

The formation of the Internet censorship body follows the Department of Homeland Security’s attempted rollout of an Orwellian ‘Disinformation Governance Board.’ Critics mercilessly mocked and ridiculed the body, which was dubbed the Ministry of Truth. The DHS body received even more flack after embarrassing videos of its appointed head Nina Jankowicz surfaced.

The DHS official had been involved in controversies regarding purported ‘disinformation’ with huge political consequences, such as sowing doubt about the Hunter Biden laptop ahead of the 2020 election and furthering the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

The new task force headed by Kamala Harris would have the sweeping mission “to protect people who seek out a role in public life from online critics,” the New York Post reports.

“In the United States and around the world, women and LGBTQI+ political leaders, public figures, activists, and journalists are especially targeted by sexualized forms of online harassment and abuse, undermining their ability to exercise their human rights and participate in democracy, governance, and civic life,” the memo says.

“Online abuse and harassment, which aim to preclude women from political decision-making about their own lives and communities, undermine the functioning of democracy,” the memo went on.

The new task force’s members include major Biden administration players likeHomeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. They are all widely viewed by the American people to be partisan Democrats.

Author: Kyle Becker

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Kamala Harris is a lying radical deceitful roach. She is a fre_ak who goes to Illinois and hang out on Heroin street.

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