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Kenosha BLM Speaker: 'If You Kill One of Us, It's Time for Us to Kill One of Yours'

During a Black Lives Matter event in Kenosha, Wisconsin over the weekend, a radical BLM speaker openly called for the killings of white people.

The man was introduced as "our president" and made sure to let the audience know how he really felt.

“If you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours," he said.


“I love being black. I love black people," he said. "I know some of you may not want to say that … You tell us how to behave when you have taken our lives. The black man is worth something. His life is worth something. I have to say god damn it – if you kill one of us, it’s time for us to kill one of yours. I know everybody don’t want to hear that. But damn why are we the ones who have to keep burying ours and got to keep clean for you to see us as being human? We ain't never did nothing to nobody.”

The rhetoric and actions from the left are getting worse, considering they are now using violence to force their political message.

One example came when RNC attendees were leaving the White House and got mobbed by left-wing extremists.

Republican Senator Rand Paul was one of those attendees who was attacked. Paul was protected by the Washington D.C. police who shielded him from the radical left-wing extremists.

On Friday morning during an interview with Fox News, Paul spoke out about the encounter, thanking the police for saving his life.

“They were yelling threats. They were trying to push the police over to get to me,” Paul said during an interview on Fox News. “They were grabbing at us, and it got worse and worse and worse, and then finally, we decided to make a move. I said we’ve got to move. If there’s not reinforcements, we have to try to get to the hotel which was another block and they were shouting threats to us, to kill us, to hurt us, but also threats, shouting ‘say her name, Breonna Taylor,’ and it’s like you couldn’t reason with this mob but I’m actually the author of the Breonna Taylor law to end no-knock raids.”

“So, the irony is lost on these idiots that they are trying to kill the person whose actually trying to get rid of no-knock raids and they were shouting and screaming and just, really these people were unhinged, but I can’t tell you how, I’m not sure we would have made it,” Paul added. “So, as we’re walking sort of surrounded by the police, they’re attempting push the police over to get to me, so at one point they push a policeman backwards, he stumbles and he’s trying to catch his balance and I catch the back of his flak jacket to stabilize him to make sure he’s okay because he’s our defense. If he’s down the mob is loose on us, and you’ve seen the pictures of what they do to you.”


“If the police are not there, if you defund the police, if we become Portland, if America becomes Portland, what’s going to happen is people are going to be pummeled and kicked in the head and left senseless on the curb,” Paul said. “That would have happened to us, I promise you, had we not had the D.C. Police to support us, we are thankful we have police, and we’ve got to wake up. We can’t have the whole country. We can’t have Joe Biden rule the country and have no police. I mean, we can’t walk down the street in D.C. safely now. That’s how bad it is.”

Paul went to say that although his words sound “over-the-top,” he really thinks “we’re going to find out that these people are hired and from out of town, specifically in our case, I believe they are going to be people who are involved with the attack on us that actually were paid to come here, are not from Washington, D.C., and are sort of paid to be anarchists.”

“This is disturbing because really, if you’re inciting a riot, that’s a crime, but if you’re paying someone to insight a riot that person needs to go to jail as well, but we can’t live this way,” Paul said. “Its become so dangerous for us and I don’t hear Joe Biden or Kamala Harris saying one thing about the violence. This mob is their voters. This is the new Democrat Party, and if we don’t resist this, United States is going to become Portland. We’re going to become Chicago. All of these failed cities Democrats have run, the president said in his speech, if we allow them to take over the White House, we are going to become Portland, the country will be on fire, we have to have law and order and we have to support the police. I can’t say that strong enough.”

“There’s something going on here,” Paul later noted. “This is like the FBI needs involved.”

After being asked to clarify, Paul said, “My feeling is that there is interstate criminal traffic being paid for across state lines, but you won’t know it unless you arrest them.”

“Otherwise you just think oh, these are some normal hoodlums from a big city,” Paul continued. “I promise you that at least some of the members and the people who attacked us were not from D.C. They flew here on a plane with fresh, new clothes and they were paid to be here. It is a crime to do that and it needs to be traced. The FBI needs to investigate, but the only way you can do it is you have to arrest people. And usually we say, ‘Oh, well you didn’t get hurt, so we’re not going to arrest them.’ They were inciting a riot and they would have killed us had the police not been there.”

“They all need to be arrested an I’m not saying forever, but arrested, questioned,” Paul added. “They need to say where are you staying, and the bills need to be subpoenaed by a judge to say who paid for your bill, how did you get here on a plane, and staying in a fancy hotel, and yet you’re acting like a criminal? Somethings going on here, and it’s much bigger than people think, but the bottom line is we can’t let the United States become Portland and that’s what my fear is, that the United States is going to be on fire if we have no police, and look, I’ve been for reform.”

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Author: CollinRugg


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