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North Korean State Media Releases "Proof" Kim Jong Un Is Still Alive — It's a Doozy

As reports continue to come in about Kim Jong Un being dead, North Korea made an effort on Monday to "prove" that he is alive and well.

What is their proof you may be wondering? A thank-you card.

A state-run newspaper is trying to convince the world that Kim Jong Un is not dead because he has sent a thank-you letter to builders in a seaside resort.

Oh, OK, that proves everything.

More from the NY Post:

The Rodong Sinmun outlet claimed Monday that Kim penned the message to builders working on a tourism project in Wonsan, where South Korea believes the leader has been staying since April 13, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.
“Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has sent his appreciation to the workers who devoted themselves to building the Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone,” the Rodong Sinmun reported.
The Korean Central Broadcasting Station made a similar report, according to Yonhap.
The reports are the latest about North Korea’s strongman, who has been the subject of rampant speculation in recent days that he had died, was in a vegetative state, or — as South Korea says — is absolutely fine.
The US monitoring website 38 North has reported that satellite imagery showed what appeared to be Kim’s personal train parked at a station in “his Wonsan compound since at least April 21.”
“The train’s presence does not prove the whereabouts of the North Korean leader or indicate anything about his health, but it does lend weight to reports that Kim is staying at an elite area on the country’s eastern coast,” it reported.

Kim Jong Un has not been seen in public since April 11.

Speculation around the dictator's health blew up after he missed a key ceremony celebrating the 108th birth anniversary of the country's first ruler, Kim Il Sung.

At the end of last week unverified reports from multiple outlets stated that Kim Jong Un was in "grave danger" following a difficult surgery. Then over the weekend Japanese media reported that the dictator was in a "vegetative state" and did indeed undergo surgery.

Trump has not said yet whether he believes Kim Jong Un is dead.

During an interview with Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham said that he would "be shocked if [Kim is] not dead or in some incapacitated state."

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Paul Barnes
Paul Barnes
29 de abr. de 2020

Yet another investigation by the democrats trying to oust Trump. when Trump is re-elected this crap will go on for another 4 years unless the democrats finagle a way to win in November. I just hope enough people are seeing through these investigations which have proved nothing and wasted millions of tax dollars. The lying thieving democrats would cut their own mothers throat in order to gain control of this country. God help us if they get control of anything this next election. I have never in my 79 years saw such disdain for a president and showing how un American And socialistic the Democratic Party has become.

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