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Pelosi Accuses Trump of Being 'Completely Out of Touch' with Americans. She Gets Crushed

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proved yet again how clueless she is while making an absurd claim about how "out of touch" President Trump is.

The California Democrat, who not long ago was bragging about her freezer full of $13 pints of ice cream, actually had the audacity to say it is Trump who can't relate to American families.

Take a look:

The woman who paraded around her $24,000 freezer and expensive ice creams, was also the reason millions of struggling Americans didn't get their stimulus checks sooner. All so she could try to stuff the bill with items that further advance her personal agenda.

As you could imagine, Pelosi's remarks did not go over well for her. She got destroyed by Americans everywhere for being the hypocrite she is.

Here's a sample of some of the backlash:

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Gary W Winder
Gary W Winder
13 de mai. de 2020

This woman, (I use the term loosely) Is only one of the reasons this country needs term limits. She and Bernie and Chuck and lets not forget sleepy Joe, have been in office since Reagan. and still have nothing to show for their time except their bank accounts, which they won't show. They all need to go, no golden retirement, no medical, no security. I could go on but when I do I just get more pissed off, shame on me.

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