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Repair Shop Receipt for Hunter Biden Laptop Revealed, Media Narrative Burns to the Ground

Welp, so much for all those wild Russian conspiracy theories. Hunter Biden’s laptop was indeed dropped off at a Delaware repair shop by none other than Hunter Biden himself. A receipt bearing his signature and name for the repair has been revealed and it’s a total backbreaker for the media’s narrative.

Wait, you are telling me that Vladimir Putin didn’t steal Hunter Biden’s laptop, implant false emails, and then leak them to the press? Who could have foreseen this? Of course, as I said in my Sunday piece on this topic, we already have more than enough evidence these emails were real and the result of the younger Biden simply being an idiot. His own lawyer called the shop trying to get the hard drive back. The Biden campaign’s non-denial denials are also more than telling.

That anyone is still trying to pretend there’s any mystery here is astonishing. Yet, some are. I’m not going to even give them exposure they don’t deserve by posting it here, but some blue checkmark who responded to this news claims this still doesn’t prove the veracity of the emails. I’m sorry, what? Now, not only is having the actual emails themselves released not enough, along with private pictures and text messages which further prove authenticity, but even proving their provenance via a dated receipt is not enough? Notice how the goal posts keep moving. Donald Trump was quite literally impeached on less evidence than this.

But the media want to play dumb and suddenly raise their standards to levels that are 1) unattainable and 2) never applied to anything to do with Trump, or any Republican for that matter. Unfortunately for them, they can’t continue, with a straight face at least, to claim this is Russian disinformation. It’s clearly, provably not.

The emails are real. It’s not Putin. The media are absolute trash. That’s basically where we are.

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Author: Bonchie


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