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Suspicious White Powder Sent to AZ Senate Leader Conducting Ballot Audit

It’s bad enough that Democrats have gone out of their way to stop a legitimate audit of 2.1 million ballots allegedly cast in Maricopa County, Ariz., during the 2020 election, but now it seems as one of their potential political allies is resorting to outright terrorism.

The Epoch Times reported Friday that state Senate President Karen Fann was forced to contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety after a suspicious white powder was sent to her office earlier this week.

The outlet noted:

The state agency’s spokesman, Sergeant Jimmy Chavez, said DPS “responded to the Arizona State Senate in response to a suspicious package call.” The package was then taken by the agency’s hazardous materials union before it was submitted to the state crime lab to investigate its contents. Mike Philipsen, a spokesman for the state Senate GOP, told media outlets an assistant to Fann opened a letter that was addressed to her, adding that a “small amount of substance was observed from the mailing.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, the assistant contacted the Department of Public Safety, and its Hazmat team was alerted,” Philipsen said.

Sen. Warren Petersen, a Republican who chairs the state Senate Judiciary Committee, noted on Twitter that someone “sent an unidentified white powder to [Fann’s] office” before he condemned the incident.

“The personal attacks on [Fann] by some media and others is truly disturbing. If you don’t agree with the policy, disagree with it but no need to attack her personally,” he added.

Meanwhile, Democratic Secretary of State Katie, who is against the Senate-approved audit of the ballots, also condemned the incident, saying that it’s “not okay” while adding of Fann, “I hope you, your family, and your staff are staying safe.”

This audit has been opposed six ways to Sunday by every Democratic entity and politician since before it began, and there can only be one reason for that — and that reason isn’t because Democrats are worried about ‘the appearance of impropriety’ on the part of Republicans.

The sole reason for the audit is to find out whether or not there was the kind of vote fraud and manipulation alleged by a number of interested parties following the Nov. 3 election.

We already know that there were significant and specific changes made to election laws and voting procedures ahead of Election Day; we know that. Time magazine was good enough to inform us of this unprecedented behind-the-scenes effort, though the slant of the piece was to make the manipulation appear as though ‘the good guys’ were trying to keep that tyrant Donald Trump from ‘stealing’ the election (when in reality, that’s what the Democrats and their RINO allies did, as the article states).

So this latest extremist stunt is par for the course; forces opposed to transparency will resort to the use of terrorism in an attempt to disrupt a legally imposed audit process for reasons that appear to be rather obvious.

But we should probably expect this kind of behavior to worsen, given that a state judge in Georgia has now called for an emergency ballot audit in that state.

Stay tuned.


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