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The Today Show Cornered Kamala Harris...And Things Quickly Went Off the Rails

Vice President Kamala Harris needs to be benched. Did she truly help clean up Joe Biden’s mess this morning? No. Harris went on The Today Show, very friendly territory, and things quickly went off the hinges. Host Savannah Guthrie wasn’t going to allow Harris to just coast through this interview. Harris gave her talking points but wasn’t expecting to get pressed on Ukraine, voting rights, the 2022 midterms, and the overall circus that’s happening on the Hill with her party. She was cornered, and things did not go well.

The VP was tasked with helping clean up Biden’s Ukraine remarks yesterday. The president pretty much admitted that the US response to a Russian invasion of the Eastern European country could be different depending on the size and scale of the incursion. This prompted the White House to quickly clarify those remarks. Biden also said that the 2022 midterms could be illegitimate if the Democrats’ federal election takeover bill is not passed.

The point is that Harris again seemed unprepared and just incapable of going off-script. All the reasons for why she cannot and will not be president presented themselves in this interview. She’s just bad at her job (via Fox News):

Guthrie began the interview by asking if President Biden gave "the green light" to Russian President Vladimir Putin to take aggressive action toward Ukraine with his suggestion that the U.S. response would depend on whether the former's actions were "a minor incursion" or something more serious. "The president has been very clear and we as the United States are very clear, if Putin takes aggressive action, we are prepared to levy serious costs, period. And I will tell you that part of the posture that we have taken is grounded in the respect and the value we place in–" Harris said before being interrupted by Guthrie. "I'm sorry to interrupt … I’m sorry to interrupt. But it is less than clear. Thirty minutes after the news conference, the White House press secretary had to actually clarify the president’s remarks –" Guthrie said … Guthrie continued to grill Harris on Ukraine, asking if there was any amount of land or territory Putin could take that the U.S. would turn a blind eye to and if there was a chance the threat of sanctions was having no effect on him… Guthrie later suggested that Biden had done damage with his remarks on Ukraine and asked if Putin was likely going to listen to any future statement from him, or the White House press secretary, because of it. "I will repeat myself, and I’m vice president of the United States, and the president and I work closely together, and I know his position because he’s been consistent in that regard. If Vladimir Putin and Russia takes aggressive action, it will be met with a cost that will be severe," Harris said. […] Guthrie turned the conversation to the 2022 midterm elections. […] Harris avoided directly addressing Biden's comments and instead began talking about passing federal voting rights legislation. Guthrie interrupted Harris, noting that both bills she mentioned failed to pass the Senate. "If I may finish –" Harris said, but Guthrie continued.

What does Harris do right? Seriously? She’s failed at promoting COVID vaccinations. She’s certainly failed at the border. This is The Today Show. This is softball territory—and she couldn’t even manage that. This is the easy stuff—and she failed miserably.

Author: Matt Vespa

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