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Trump Calls for Moving Homeless Out of Cities to Camps in Tough-on-Crime Speech

Former President Donald Trump outlined a policy proposal to combat surging levels of homelessness in American cities in a Tuesday speech.

Trump delivered an address to the America First Policy Institute, a pro-Trump nonprofit based in Washington, in which he discussed increases in crime under the administration of his successor, President Joe Biden.

The 45th president shared his specific policy for the homelessness epidemic. Trump called to centralize the homeless in areas outside of major cities where inexpensive land is available.

Trump called to provide drug rehabilitation and medical services to the homeless in the facilities, or rather, camps.

“Thousands and thousands of high-quality tents” would be made available for the homeless under the plan.

The 45th president said the country has become a “cesspool of crime” under the Biden administration, according to the New York Post.

The event was Trump’s first appearance in Washington since leaving office in January 2021.

The full speech is below:

Skyrocketing homelessness and open-air tent encampments in urban America have shocked the sensibilities of city dwellers in the past two years.

It’s believed that the homeless population of Los Angeles is greater than it’s ever been, even as city officials spend billions of dollars and create a laundry list of programs to solve homelessness.

Homelessness is centralized in Democrat-governed big cities. Residents of Seattle have described homelessness overwhelming their neighborhoods, with city officials reluctant to help.

In the speech, Trump also said the country needs a crackdown on illegal drugs.

“It’s time to get brutally tough on the dealers and traffickers and narco-terrorists that are killing over 200,000 American lives a year,” Trump said.

Trump cited a discussion he had with Chinese President Xi Jinping. in which Xi noted that China has the death penalty for drug trafficking.

“You know their drug problem,” Trump said. “They make drugs and send them over here.”

Biden requested $37 billion in funding from Congress for programs to combat the menace of crime earlier this month.

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