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Trump Lays Down the Law, Squashes Dems' Demands for Funding Not Related to Coronavirus

President Trump dropped the hammer on Democrats' attempt to use the coronavirus relief package to advance their radical agendas.

In case you missed it, Pelosi and her far-left cohorts blocked the coronavirus bill from moving forward by stuffing it with things like Green New Deal handouts, post office bailouts, and union cash.

Basically the dems are putting their own interests ahead of the well-being of the American people during a national pandemic.

Well Trump wasn't having it, and on Monday night he put his foot down.

“Republicans had a deal until Nancy Pelosi rode into town from her extended vacation,” Trump said. “The Democrats want the Virus to win? They are asking for things that have nothing to do with our great workers or companies. They want Open Borders & Green New Deal. Republicans shouldn’t agree!”

Shortly after that, Trump retweeted an article about Congressional Democrats using the coronavirus bill to advance their political agenda. He then strongly stated, "This will never be approved by me, or any other Republican!"

Trump then later revealed during a Fox News virtual townhall that he was the one who 'canceled the deal.'

Republican Senator Tom Cotton pointed out what Pelosi was demanding in the coronavirus bill while Americans suffer.

From the Daily Wire:

  1. Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance.

  2. Bailing out all current debt of postal service

  3. Required early voting

  4. Required same day voter registration

  5. 10k bailout for student loans

  6. For companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers

  7. Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining

  8. Full offset of airline emissions by 2025

  9. Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

  10. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees

  11. $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance

  12. Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance

What a disgrace.

Pelosi has faced severe blowback from both sides of the aisle since she attempted to hijack the coronavirus relief package with her absurd demands.

Who else can't wait for the day that Pelosi is officially out of office? Drop a comment below!

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