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Unfit to Be VP: Kamala Refuses To Take Questions Right After Being Introduced To Take Questions

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California dodged questions Monday during a trip to Wisconsin.

Harris visits the state to have a conversation with the family of Jacob Blake, who was shot by Kenosha police after resisting arrest, and to offer prepared remarks during a meeting with black business leaders in Milwaukee, according to the New York Post.

As the Milwaukee event reached its close, Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes tried to turn the microphone over to Harris so that the assembled reporters could ask her some questions.

“We are very honored, proud and lucky to have Senator, soon-to-be Vice President, Harris with us today, and I will pass it back over to you. I know you want to take some questions before you get out of here,” Barnes said.

He extended his arm to pass the microphone to Harris and kept holding it as the candidate made it clear she was not planning to touch it.

In a video of the awkward moment, a member of Harris’ staff could be heard saying, “Oh, I think we’re all set.”

“Thank you all, we’re all set. Thank you,” another voice said as Harris began grabbing her papers to leave.

“Oh, all right,” Barnes said as he realized Harris was bent on avoiding questions.

After several shouted questions, Harris offered one comment.

“I once lived in Wisconsin, did you know that? Wisconsin is part of my story,” Harris said. Her parents once taught at the University of Wisconsin.

Although Harris gave reporters the cold shoulder, her trip still won favorable attention from the establishment media — but that was because of her shoes.

“Kamala D. Harris goes viral — for her shoe choice,” The Washington Post headlined its account of Harris wearing Chuck Taylor sneakers by Converse.

Some suggested on social media that The Post’s fawning article was a touch too much.

Harris has not held a news conference since Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden selected her as his running mate on Aug. 11.

Author: Jack Davis

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