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Video: Biden Loses It With Reporter Who Dares Question Mask Mandate Flip Flop

By Steve Watson | Summit News

After decreeing that anyone who works in government or with government will be mandated to get vaccinated, Joe Biden began to walk away from the lecturn without a mask, prompting Fox News reporter Peter Doocy to ask why the flip flop on mandating masks, even for the vaccinated. The question triggered Biden who exploded at the reporter.

“You said if you were fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask,” Doocy told Biden

“No! I didn’t say that,” Biden snapped at Doocy, blatantly lying.

When Doocy fired back “In May, you made it sound like the vaccine was the ticket to losing the mask forever,” Biden suddenly switched to blaming unvaccinated people for his mask flip-flop.

“That was true at the time!” Biden shouted back, adding “the new variant came along and they didn’t get vaccinated.”


He didn’t say it huh?


Author: Steve Watson


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