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Watch: Pelosi Calls for Olympic Athletes to Keep Their Mouths Shut About China’s Human Rights Abuses

Nancy Pelosi doubled down on signaling American weakness at the Beijing Olympic Games. She had a message to Team America’s athletes who might be tempted to protest the CCP’s human rights abuses.

Don’t you dare speak out about it.

“I wish the athletes well,” she said. “I do not encourage them to speak out against the Chinese government there. Because I fear for their safety if they do.”

This weak posture echoes a message that she gave on Thursday to the athletes.

“I would say to our athletes — you are there to compete. Do not risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government because they are ruthless,” Pelosi in testimony before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. “Be safe.”

While at the hearing, she gave mixed signals about the proper diplomatic signals to send Beijing.

“If we do not speak out against human rights violations in China, because of commercial interests, we lose all moral authority to speak out against human rights violations anywhere,” Pelosi said.

However, that is precisely what Washington D.C. has done by agreeing to participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Pelosi blamed the International Olympic Committee for turning a “blind eye” to China’s human rights abuses and selecting Beijing as a location, however.

There has been zero accountability for the communist Chinese for the deadly global coronavirus pandemic that the CCP fueled with misinformation and deception from its very inception.

There is concrete evidence to believe that China knew a novel coronavirus was spreading in Wuhan months before the rest of the world. It began stockpiling PCR tests in bulk in May 2019, including near the Wuhan laboratories.

In October of 2019, Wuhan hosted military games that became “one of the earliest super spreader events,” according to a House GOP report.

“House Foreign Affairs Republicans concluded the World Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019 was ‘one of the earliest super spreader events’ during the pandemic, with their new report contending COVID-19 escaped from a Wuhan lab in late August or early September 2019 — with China covering it up for months,” the Washington Examiner reported in August.

“When they realized what happened, Chinese Communist Party officials and scientists at the WIV began frantically covering up the leak,” said Republican Rep. Michael McCaul. “But their coverup was too late — the virus was already spreading throughout the megacity of Wuhan.”

“Within a month, satellite images show a significant uptick in the number of people at hospitals around the WIV with symptoms similar to COVID-19. At the same time, athletes at the Military World Games became sick with symptoms similar to COVID-19. Some of them carried the virus back to their home countries — creating one of the earliest super spreader events in the world, and explaining how countries who participated in the games had reported cases as early as November 2019,” McCaul added.

The GOP report said its lab leak evidence included “athletes at the Military World Games held in Wuhan in October 2019 who became sick with symptoms similar to COVID-19 both while in Wuhan and also shortly after.”

It is not the only evidence, however, that China knew that SARS-CoV-2 had the potential to spread into a deadly pandemic, but nonetheless kept that information secret from the world.

“As early as the second week of December, it was clear that this virus was spreading from person to person. By late December, it was spreading to doctors in Wuhan hospitals. Some doctors were trying to blow the whistle on these facts, and the secret police arrived at their doorsteps in the middle of the night,” Sen. Tom Cotton said in April.

“So only after China fessed up to the WHO on December 31 did the world know what was happening. Yet, still they continued to deny that it was spreading from person to person into mid-January. That allowed millions of people to leave Wuhan,” Cotton continued. “And then, finally, China continued to pressure the WHO and other countries not to stop international travel from China. That meant that hundreds of thousands of persons left China after this virus was spread far outside of Wuhan, which allowed the virus to escape China’s borders and get to the United States and get to Europe and get to essentially every country in the world.”

“I believe that was a deliberate and conscious choice by the Chinese communist leadership, because they didn’t want to see their relative power and standing in the world decline because this virus was contained within China,” Cotton added. “Again, it was obvious by mid-December to Chinese authorities that this virus was highly contagious and very deadly.”

The PCR tests being purchased in droves by CDC buyers in May – and more ominously, by the People’s Liberation Army – suggests that the CCP was fully aware of what was going on with Covid all along.

In June 2021, explosive new reports based on intelligence sources indicated that the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s “gain of function” research was linked to “secret military activity,” which ultimately culminated in an improbably early COVID-19 vaccine patent.

Indeed, the ‘warp speed’ rollout of the vaccine would be virtually impossible, unless the Chinese were already conducting research on the deadly coronavirus with the aim of developing their own vaccine.

The Australian reported that the “U.S. paid for the People’s Liberation Army to engineer coronaviruses.” The ramifications of the Pentagon also funding such dangerous ‘gain-of-function’ research in communist China are profound.

Yet the U.S. Congress, and particularly the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate, pretend like China did nothing wrong. Millions of people who have died with Covid-19 and their grieving families might strongly disagree.

Author: Kyle Becker

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08 февр. 2022 г.

First of all Pelosi is a useless piece of crap ,Pelosi should keep her mouth shut and stop stealing taxpayers money to benefit her family this has to stop as she has to go to jail I hope the Republicans don't forget what's going on with the Democrats when they get in office the American people are fed up

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