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About Us

Quality news without the liberal bias, where you want it, when you want it.

When we established Patriots For Trump, our goal was simple: Spread patriotic news without the liberal twist.  But during our early growth stages we were brought a Trump Presidency, an unhinged liberal media, and a growing war on American patriotism!

Little did we expect, all of Trump's winning would expose an utter hatred of many of our nation's founding principles by the Democratic Party. They've created a war on our patriotic spirit in America. The media has even been shaming Americans for wanting to Make America GREAT Again.

With all that in mind, our mission is more important than ever.  As true patriots of our great nation we need to defend the Constitution and all the founding principles that made America so great to begin with.


With big tech giants attempting to shut down the voice of Conservative Americans, there's never been a more important time for proud Americans to unite.

Trump did an incredible job while in office.  But he is just getting started.  We need him now more than ever.

Thank you for supporting our mission. 


In God and Trump we trust.



Production Specialist


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