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Pelosi Calls for Outright Ban, Sends Cease & Desist to Company Giving Away Free KAG Hats



Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has officially lost her marbles.


Every measure she's taken to try to stop Trump has failed miserably, and it appears she is finally realizing her hopes of stopping him before 2020 are doomed.


But of course she won't stop without making a last ditch effort to take him down.


Cue Pelosi's latest outburst, in which she called for a complete ban on the sales of all Trump's 'Keep America Great' hats.

She since deleted the tweet, but we captured it before she did:

Pelosi's tweet backfired hard on her.


Not only did she receive nationwide criticism, but the company she sent the cease and desist to has now vowed to give their entire inventory of KAG hats away for free just to spite her.


I just picked one up myself from them, and I have to say it's gonna feel even better wearing it knowing how much Pelosi hates them.


I think they still have some stock left last I checked, here's the site if you're interested.


Meanwhile, Trump is working hard to strengthen America and prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.



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