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Adam Schiff Advances Investigation Into Trump Over Coronavirus Response

While other Republican members of Congress are hustling to get Americans economic relief from the coronavirus pandemic, California Democrat Adam Schiff is focusing solely on investigating Trump.

Earlier in April it was announced that Schiff was putting together a "9/11 style commission" to investigate Trump's response to the coronavirus.

Well now Schiff's investigation is advancing.

In an interview on MSNBC, Schiff revealed he will start to 'dive deep' to figure out what COVID warnings Trump ignored.

Look what Breitbart reported:

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said he would investigate what warnings from the intelligence community and health organizations that President Donald Trump ignored in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.
On “real-time oversight,” Schiff said, “We are right now going through our intelligence holdings. What did the intelligence community make us aware of at the end of last year or earlier this year? Other committees are doing analyses.”

Schiff went on to say that a crucial part of his investigation will be reviewing what officials had warned Trump about in late 2019.

“It is very important, I think, in reviewing the intelligence component to this to realize the intelligence piece is just one piece of the warnings coming to the administration. A lot of those warnings were in the public domain. They came from public health organizations, like WHO or CDC or his own National Security Council, and ignored those warnings.”
He added, “We are diving deeply into what does the intelligence community know, what resources we would bring there, and what do we need to do prospectively to better protect the country in the future. That last piece, how do we protect the country in the future, is really the mission of that independent commission we based on, we used the model the 9/11 commission.”

Pencil-neck Schiff isn't the only one exploiting the coronavirus to try to take down Trump. Nancy Pelosi recently said she is creating a select House panel to investigate Trump's response to the outbreak. She also said the panel would have subpoena power over Trump.

What Democrats must not realize is that their pathetic attempts to politicize this tragedy are only going to backfire.

The left is showing everyone they care more about advancing their own twisted agendas than getting relief for Americans in dire need.

What do you think about Schiff's investigation? Drop us a comment below!


This so called US representative hates America


Albert Del Tufo
Albert Del Tufo
Apr 14, 2020

He should be executed him Palosi and Nadler a bullet in back of the head.

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