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Antifa: ‘Tonight We Say “F*** The City” and We Move in to the Residential Areas…’

By Elizabeth Vaughn

@ANTIFA_US issued a change order to its minions on Sunday. In the tweet below, investor and philanthropist Adam Milstein provides a screenshot of the now deleted message.

Apparently, group members heard the call. The Associated Press reported the unrest in downtown Chicago spread out to small neighborhoods within the city and to several suburbs on Sunday.

Vandals smashed windows at a shoe store in the heavily-Mexican Little Village neighborhood. Crowds broke into a Family Dollar store at a South Side strip mall. Multiple suburban shopping malls were closed, including in Calumet City, where the mayor declared a “state of emergency.” The unrest fanned out after a weekend of chaos in Chicago, as peaceful protests devolved into clashes with police, fires and property damage.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the violence had moved into the suburbs as well. In nearby Walnut Creek, dozens of stores had been vandalized and a woman had been shot. Surrounding cities and towns established curfews and warned residents not to go out unnecessarily. The Walnut Creek Police Department told residents, “Please ensure your doors are locked & secured.”

One female protestor whose car had been painted with slogans such as “Listen to our cries” told The Chronicle, “This is about racial justice, not looting…I live in the East Bay, and I went to Danville and a lot of places where white people need to wake up. They need to hear things are not business as usual. If the cops stopped killing us, this stuff wouldn’t happen.”

Marc Croke of Pleasant Hill spoke to The Chronicle as well. Croke was in town to help friends board up the Havana restaurant on Bonanza Street. He said,  “I understand protesting, but when it comes to ruining people’s businesses, especially with this pandemic going on — how can you do this? It’s one thing to protest, but this? How does this help racial justice? I’d say the police need to leaning hard on this destruction to prevent it.”

After a planned peaceful protest was held in Rochester, NY on Sunday afternoon, vandalism broke out in nearby Monroe County towns.

According to The Democrat and Chronicle, a local media outlet, the earlier protest had “largely dispersed just after 4 p.m.” Later that evening came the “violence, looting, smashing windows and burning cars.”

President Trump’s decision to declare Antifa a terrorist organization will help. My colleague, Kira Davis, posted on this story. She wrote:

This is a big deal because it will allow the United States to legally mobilize anti-terrorism law enforcement efforts, begin investigating roots and cells and use appropriate force to protect American communities from the organized terrorism of this communist-backed group.

This move may give pause to the Justin Timberlakes of the world. Timberlake supports donating money to bail out the protestors.

John Brennan, whose office was essentially ground zero in the Russian collusion hoax, tweeted on Sunday that this national outrage “is necessary for real change.” He probably should have sat this one out.”

President Trump and Attorney General William Barr have made it clear they intend to fight back.

In the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, this is why we have a Second Amendment.

Author: Elizabeth Vaughn

Source: RedState: @ANTIFA_US: ‘Tonight we say “F*** The City” and we move in to the residential areas…’

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