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Armed Civilians Force Antifa Out of Neighborhood, Drop Perfect Response About Their "Peacefulness"

It wasn’t long ago that I warned Antifa members and would-be rioters that coming to the suburbs to try their violence and destruction there would result in some serious consequences. I warned them that compared to the city where they have been rioting, the suburbs would be filled with people ready to pull triggers in order to defend their family and property.

Some armed civilians wanted to make that clear, and thankfully, did so without having to kill anyone.

As my colleague Nick Arama detailed yesterday, Antifa attempted to make their way to the house of Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best. Instead of an unopposed walk straight to her front door, Antifa was greeted by Best’s neighbors who weren’t having it. Some of them were armed.

A recently released video shows that members of Antifa attempted to invade the quiet neighborhood and found themselves on private property. It was then that they came in contact with armed civilians who weren’t about to put up with any of Antifa’s trademark destruction and violence.

The Antifa members began doing what they always do when they’re trumped and complained that they were “peaceful” protesters who had done nothing wrong and that the civilians wielded guns in front of them for no reason.

“We’re peaceful and you pointed a gun in my face,” screamed one of the black-hooded protesters as they retreated from the oncoming gun-wielding civilians.

One of the women had a perfect, matter-of-fact response for the would-be Antifa thug.

“That’s why you’re peaceful,” she responded.

It’s clear, at this point, that this group’s goal in any situation is escalation and destruction. It is not a peaceful group by its own admission but will feign being peaceful in situations where it doesn’t have the upper hand or when the narrative calls for it.

Since well before the George Floyd incident, Antifa has been a violent domestic terrorist group whose main purpose is to act as the hard-left’s muscle and foment revolutionary attitudes against American systems and authority figures, local to federal. It openly calls for the destruction of private property and the silencing of those who speak out against their ideological aims either through intimidation or violence.

The Antifa members in this video were not there to peacefully protest as they claim. If they were concerned with peacefully protesting they wouldn’t have shown up in clothing and masks that hide their identity as they have since they arrived on the cultural scene. The armed civilians who pushed them off the property were the truly peaceful ones as they had the ability to shoot and terminate these trespassers and didn’t.

Luckily, they didn’t have to and they didn’t have to because, as the woman plainly said, Antifa was forced to weigh its activities with their lives. Antifa members are naturally cowards, and they chose their lives.

This moment should be an example to everyone. Arm yourselves, and if and when the need arises, the Antifa members who would swarm and do violence on you without a second thought will suddenly find themselves thinking twice.

They won’t be peaceful until you make them so.


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