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AZ AG Opens Formal Investigation Into 2020 Election: Will ‘Hold People Accountable for Breaking Law'

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann has announced that the state’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich has opened up a ‘formal investigation ‘into Maricopa County election officials’ misconduct due to the revelations in Arizona’s independent election audit.

Karen Fann was on ‘The Conservative Circus’ with James T. Harris to discuss the Arizona audit and revealed Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s investigation. She also discussed coming changes to election law in Arizona. The audio segment can be heard below.

“Some of that report is inconclusive and so we will have supplemental reports coming,” Fann said. “And the reason why it is inconclusive is because Maricopa County did not turn over the routers, did not over the splunk logs. They have now admitted before Congress that they deleted files the day before everything was supposed to be turned in and over to us.”

“They admitted in Congress that, actually, they said that they had to delete them to make room for an upcoming election,” she continued. “However, congressmen then pointed out that there were still elections on the server from previous – before 2020, and they couldn’t explain why that was.”

“When they said, ‘don’t worry, the deleted files are on a backup archive,’ and Congressman Biggs said ‘did you turn that over to the auditors in the Senate’? they said, ‘well, no, they didn’t subpoena our backup archives.”

“So, this is the stuff we have been putting up from day one,” Fann said, addng “our audit was pretty darn good, and we’re not done yet.”

“I mean, you don’t hold information from the voters and the constituents and just think you are going to get away with it,” Fann continued. “Not going to happen.”

Fann then discussed that it is now the job of the state’s Attorney General to act on the findings in the audit, as well as Maricopa County’s potentially unlawful obstruction of the investigation. She also pointed to election laws that were broken by Maricopa County in the 2020 election.

“We, as a legislative body, right?” she continued. “Our job is policy. Our job is to make laws, make sure they’re working, and change or update laws as necessary. It is the Attorney General’s office’s to enforce those laws. So, we are on a dual path now. We have turned everything – we have, so far, over to the Attorney General.

“He has opened up a formal investigation,’ Fann said of the Attorney General. “He is seeking not only all the information we have, but he is digging further into information that other people have gathered, even outside of the audit. So – that’s his job. He is going to hold people accountable.”

In early October, a U.S. House Committee for Oversight and Reform hearing on the Arizona election review exploded into fireworks after a Maricopa County election official admitted that the county officials effectively deleted election data from materials turned over to auditors after receiving a legal subpoena from the Arizona Senate.

Maricopa County Supervisors Jack Sellers and Bill Gates, David Becker of the Center for Election Innovation and Research, Gowri Ramachandran of the Brennan Center for Justice and Arizona Senate audit liaison Ken Bennett appeared before the committee.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) cross-examined Maricopa County Vice Chairman Bill Gates on the deletion of data in the materials turned over to the Arizona auditors.

The entire House Oversight Hearing can be watched below:

The Congressional hearing showed that Maricopa County election officials had deleted election data, obstructed an official investigation, and misled the public about its conduct during the 2020 election. The only thing that now remains is the critical part: Accountability.

Author: Kyle Becker


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