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Bad News: Joe Biden Is Now a Russian Agent, According to His Own Party At Least

It’s been a good run, but I regret to inform you that Joe Biden is now a Russian agent. Well, that’s true insofar as the standards his own party has relentlessly propagated over the last five years.

You see, any action that even carries the appearance of benefiting Vladimir Putin is proof positive that one has sympathies for Russia and that you are acting in their interests. We’ve seen this applied to any number of Republicans, though, Donald Trump has born the brunt of it. For examples of what I’m talking about, click here, here, here, here, here, and here, and I’ll just stop there because if I don’t, this entire article would just be hyper-links.

But it’s not just Trump. Tulsi Gabbard has been called a Russian agent. Mitch McConnell has also gotten that treatment. Basically, if you are in any way oppositional to any part of the Democrat status-quo and you do anything except support a nuclear war with Russia, you must be a Russian asset. That’s the standard, and I’m only half-kidding about the nuclear war bit.

Given that, Biden’s latest decision regarding Ukraine and his cozying up to Putin are certainly interesting.

I checked the comments because I wanted to see what the excuse being thrown out there was. Apparently, Ukraine’s president (you know, the guy who was such a supporter of America that he formed one of the centerpieces of Trump’s impeachment), is now an enemy of democracy. That means Biden had no choice but to snub him.

Yet, Putin was invited. Is he not an enemy of democracy? Indeed, he is, and the excuses being made here make no sense whatsoever.

Besides, it doesn’t take much speculation to come to the logical conclusion that Ukraine not being invited has everything to do with appeasing Russia. Putin is currently rattling his saber and signaling a coming invasion of Ukraine via a military build-up on the border. Biden probably didn’t want to rock the boat, but isn’t that exactly what Trump was so often lambasted for? Heck, he wasn’t just lambasted, he was accused of being a 40-year, groomed Russian agent for not constantly getting into rhetorical battles with Putin.

Further, the Biden administration has basically handed Russia a coming economic boom by limiting domestic production of oil and natural gas. That means Russia makes more money off its chief export, which is energy. That pipeline from Russia to Europe? It’s back on and almost complete. The Russians are going to be making money off the very countries we spend billions of dollars to defend – from Russia. You try to make sense of that.

But nothing about Biden’s foreign policy makes sense. That’s why he’s rushing back into a deal with Iran even as they spit in our faces. It’s why he’s blowing up the progress made in the Middle East under Trump. Biden can’t even be counted on to keep the pressure on China, and he appears to be softening on Russia as well.

And I’m assured that makes him a Russian agent. The new rules are in effect.

Author: Bonchie


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