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Ben Carson Brilliantly Turns Tables on Dems Slamming Pence's Coronavirus Response

Dr. Ben Carson, who was a renowned neurosurgeon before beginning his career in politics and public service, has a message for all the Democrats who have been attacking Pence and the coronavirus task force's handling of the virus.

And Democrats won't like it one bit.

“I was involved throughout my neurosurgical career in a lot of very, very complex cases and dealt with a lot of renowned physicians. But I must say that the people on this task force are extremely impressive, have been considering all of the various different possibilities, outlining scenarios for all the possibilities that can occur," Carson stated.

Carson went on to say that the risks of contracting the virus are low thanks to the aggressive actions being taken to prevent the outbreak.

Since the coronavirus initially popped up on a global scale, Trump and his team has helped to contain it's spread away from America, and he formed a brilliant task force to deal with the situation.

President Trump also imposed travel restrictions to China in January. Of course Democrats and the mainstream media have criticized the president on this, claiming it was race-related.

As we all know, everything is an issue of race for Democrats.

Instead of applauding Trump and Pence for how they have managed to contain the outbreak, CNN decided to focus on the "lack" of racial diversity in the coronavirus task force.

CNN also published a hit piece by Michael D’Antonio that mocked Pence for praying and tried blaming him for an outbreak of HIV/AIDS while he was Indiana's governor.

Leave it to CNN.

Democrats may not be happy about Carson being on the coronavirus task force due to him being a surrogate for Trump, but he is an expert in medicine and is exactly the kind of person we need addressing this issue head on.

I guarantee he is more qualified to speak about the virus than any of the loons over at CNN.

Check out Carson's interview on Fox Business the other day. It was awesome.

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