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Biden Gives Most Unintelligible Answer We've Ever Heard to Coronavirus Question

If it hadn't been clear yet that Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president, this recent interview he gave seals the deal.

While speaking to MSNBC on Monday, the former VP was asked what he would tell Americans who are "terrified" by the COVID-19 crisis.

His response was, well, let's just say confusing:

From the Western Journal:

“My message is that the president has to move more rapidly,” Biden began. “You know, we know from experience that speed matters. We know that you can’t go too fast. It’s about going too slow.”
At that point, it was already looking like he wouldn’t be answering Vossoughian’s question about what to tell the American people as he seemed to be rattling off the usual “President Donald Trump is messing things up” talking points. It got worse.
“And in order to avoid that — those very high (death) numbers, we have to do at least several things,” he continued, presumably about to make a coherent list. Instead, his answer really went off the rails from there.
“One, we have to depend on what the president is going to do right now. And first of all, he has to tell — wait till the cases — before anything happens — look, the whole idea is he’s got to get in place things that were shortages of,” Biden said, speaking about — I’m not really sure, actually.

Umm, say what?

It's like he was just trying to cram all the Democratic talking points together into one sentence, not realizing he was making zero sense whatsoever.

Kind of like this hilarious parody tweet:

I mean honestly, can you imagine this guy becoming president and having the future of the free world laying on his shoulders?

A few days back he gave a different interview with MSNBC, and this one actually made me feel bad for him. It was reminiscent of the conversations that happen with elderly patients in nursing homes.

Rather than go on about it, just watch the clip, it speaks for itself.

The saddest part was where Biden shakes his head, looks down in embarrassment and mutters "sorry." Then the host encourages him to keep going, but he waves her away, saying, "no, it's probably best I don't." If he were my grandfather, I'd walk over and give him a big hug in that moment.

But he's not. He's trying to become president of the United States. And that thought is just downright terrifying.


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