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Biden Worsens: Flubs Own Name During Rally, Says 'We Can Only Re-Elect Trump'

Campaigning seems to be taking a serious toll on Biden's mental capacity.

So much so that he's now flubbing his own name.

Biden was in St. Louis for a rally on Saturday. During his short speech the former VP seemed confused, slurred his words throughout, and struggled to maintain his train of thought.

At one point during his humiliating performance, Biden called himself an Obiden-Bama Democrat, instead of an Obama-Biden Democrat.

The Trump campaign seized on another embarrassing moment from Biden's speech in which he stated, "We can only re-elect Donald Trump."

You have to see it for yourself:

As you could guess, the mainstream media has done everything they can to detract from Biden's mistakes.

They tried saying the reason for Biden's gaffes are because he once suffered from stuttering.

But even far-left Bernie supporters are buying into that one.

At this point Biden simply just can't seem to help it. His entire life is just one big gaffe.

Who else can't wait to see Trump absolutely demolish this guy?


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