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Birthday Girl Pelosi Torched for Taking Day Off While No Relief Bill Is Passed

Thursday, March 26th, is Nancy Pelosi's birthday.

And while she is out celebrating her birthday, there is a desperately needed coronavirus relief bill that is just laying rotting on the House floor while more Americans die.

After Pelosi single-handedly obstructed the bi-partisan relief bill nearly a week ago, why is she still delaying the process?

Of course the media won't call her on it, they're too busy praising Pelosi on her birthday for being God's "greatest gift" to humanity.

But the American people on the other hand are holding nothing back.

After realizing Pelosi was taking her birthday off during such a critical time, the public let loose on her.

Check it out (language warning):

Pelosi's decision to delay the vote was the last straw for many Americans.

Every day matters when we are facing a crisis such as the one we are in right now.

I wonder if Pelosi realizes she is hated more and more by people every day she delays this bill?


I am sure she will not read this however in the event she does I offer this comment.

I am an American woman who has lived 86 years. Widow of WWII and KOREA and VIETNAM Air Force Pilot. Holder of Purple Heart. The. Travelled and lived in Far East and Middle East and other places. And raised three sons. All grown and not a one are dishonest.

I am now widowed and live alone. I am far from rich on money. Compared to you I am enormously rich. I have a conscience clear. I would not trade one day of my life for all of yours.

I hope you awaken while it is time to change.


Bob Menefee
Bob Menefee
Mar 26, 2020

Now you can fully see just how much Ug and the DevilsRats give a damn about we the people. Yet these socialislamic trash heads think we’re to run WFO to vote for them. Their ego is so big they could fill cowboy stadium to over flow. The Devilratsrty must be done away with as they are wanting our country to mimic Venezuela and they will be the Government with a Dictator till, who knows. This is nothing more than the try at a

complete communist take over of this country.

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