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Boulder Mass Shooter's Anti-Trump Posts Uncovered, Obliterate 'Right-Wing Extremist' Claims

The news broke on Tuesday that the name of the suspected mass shooter in the Boulder, Colorado supermarket incident was released. The suspect, who is accused of killing ten innocent people, including a police officer, is named Ahmad al Alissa.

“Police have identified the suspect in the Boulder, Colo., shooting as Ahmad Alissa,” the New York Daily News reported. “The 21-year-old is charged with 10 counts of murder in the first degree in connection with the Monday afternoon shooting at the King Sooper supermarket, police said Tuesday at a press conference.”

Reports, which haven’t been confirmed, also surfaced that the Biden administration has been briefed on potential ISIS sympathies.

Nonetheless, there were several blue check Twitter commentators who assumed a “white” person must have been responsible for the atrocity.

There were others pointed out by social media expert Caleb Hull.

While the suspect al Alissa’s social media accounts are being scrubbed, RedState has been able to obtain various posts from the suspect’s Facebook account that defy the left-wing narrative.

They show a pattern of anti-Trump rage and vitriol.

Contrary to the widespread media narrative about racism fueling mass shootings, this may be a plausible case of media bias and unsubstantiated accusations of racism fueling a mass shooting.

It is not yet clear if al Alissa was an Islamic extremist, but it appears from his social media posts that he was a proponent of Islam.

It also appears that al Alissa was not reluctant about using inflammatory language that the left would characterize as “homophobic.”

While at the same time, al Alissa drew on the language of the left, such as blaming daily life inconveniences on “racist, Islamophobic people.”

As noted on Sunday, there has been a surge of “hate crimes” against Americans that may plausibly be explained as media-fueled bias against conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters, and even regular Americans.

Since the case of the suspected Boulder shooter doesn’t fit the media narrative of a spike in right-wing mass shooting, just like the Atlanta shooter’s motives don’t appear to fit that of an anti-Asian “hate crime,” expect the coverage to disappear over the next few days.

Author: Kyle Becker


Mar 23, 2021

You can bet more of this crap will be going on now that POS Biden opened up the border for more of these radicals to link up with the ones already here. And they want to disarm us law abiding citizens. That'll be a cold day in hell. We're not gonna let that happen as long as this ass is claiming to be the commander in chief. Only the "Imposter in chief" fake bastard !! The Dems encourage all this shit.


walter Petrucci
walter Petrucci
Mar 23, 2021

so how did this ISIS shit get the guns ,because more then likely from not and sports and gun shop. why be cause one can't buy a gun from them with out a back round check first and a 2 to 3 day wait time to check you out with the FBI OK SO THIS BULL SH**T THE DENORAT ARE BILL ABUAT BACK ROUND CHECK WAS HERE AFTER JFK WAS ASSASINATED ON 11/23/1963 IN DALLAS TEXAS ,SO THEY JUST WAN'T TO LET THE LOW LIFES HAVE THE GUNS !


The shooter needs to be mentally evaluated and then needs the death penalty without all those appeals they are given. He need deprived of any wiring materials while in prison and denied the ability to send his crap out to reach the light of day.

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