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Breaking: Seattle's First Black Female Police Chief Resigns After Council Caves to BLM

Thanks to the Seattle City Council’s Monday vote to cut her salary and gut the police department, Police Chief Carmen Best is resigning, effective September 2nd.

In the resignation letter she emailed her colleagues on the force, Best told her fellow officers that “this was a difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time.” She also stated she was “confident the department will make it through these difficult times. You truly are the best police department in the country and please trust me when I say the vast majority of people in Seattle support you and appreciate you.”

Read her full resignation letter below:

Best has nearly 3 decades of service with the Seattle PD, and became the department’s first black female police chief in August 2018.

As I wrote Saturday before the official vote was taken, the council’s decision to cut Best’s salary shouldn’t be viewed as anything else but straight up retaliation for her vocal criticisms of the council’s stated desire to defund the police department.

The irony here cannot be overstated. In an effort to appease radical “Black Lives Matter” activists, the City Council chose to show their support for diverse black voices by punishing one for expressing her disagreement.

Seattle/Tacoma talk radio show host Jason Rantz, who has been following this story closely and who has attended some of the BLM protests, weighed in on his Twitter feed:

Local reporters took note of the irony of Best, who was well-respected in the community, basically being forced out by the so-called woke progressives on the City Council for whom virtue-signaling about how socially aware they allegedly are is part of their daily diet.

KING5 Seattle’s chief reporter Chris Daniels:

Q13 Fox Seattle reporter/political analyst Brandi Kruse:

Unlike city “leaders” like Mayor Jenny Durkan and Democratic council members, Best kept it real and never gaslit anyone about the dire, dangerous situation the CHAZ/CHOP encampment presented, nor did she blame her fellow officers for Mayor Durkan’s leadership failures, which led to the East precinct being taken over by Black Lives Matter and Antifa radicals and the 525% crime spike that followed.

What the City Council did was push her out by punishing her over her defense of her officers and opposition to the cuts that were being discussed, all of which happened at a time when violent crime is on the rise and when members of the council are preaching about the importance of bringing more black voices to the table.

This is how people who proudly call themselves “progressives” treat minority voices who don’t toe the line.

It’s disgusting what they did to her. I hope that Best sues the city for every penny it’s worth and hoists the so-called “leaders” by their own miserable petards.

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15. Aug. 2020

Maybe this will be the last straw for critical thinking black Americans.... Seattle's first black PC put in a position by Democrats where she felt she had to resign.

It really is a puzzling thing to see so many black people fall for the condemnation of the only President that has done more for them than any President since Abe Lincoln

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